What was Kobe Bryant’s signature move?

What was Kobe Bryant’s signature move?

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Kobe Bryant’s Signature Move: The Fadeaway

Kobe Bryant was a legendary basketball player and his iconic technique of maneuvering the ball around the court has become a part of the game. One of his signature moves, which made him famous, was his fadeaway jump shot, also known as the fade or the Kobe Fadeaway.

The Kobe Fadeaway in Action

The Kobe Fadeaway was incredibly hard to defend against. As Bryant would work his way around the court, he would move into the post and face up to the basket. He would always keep one foot slightly in front of the other to give himself a pivot if he needed to find another angle to shoot. Bryant would then use the pivot foot left behind to turn away from the defender and take the shot with his right hand as he faded away.

The Benefits

The fadeaway jump shot allowed Kobe to get a shot off while avoiding contact and relying on his natural talent. It requires precise timing and dynamics to accomplish. Here are some of the advantages of the fadeaway jump shot:

  • It allows the player to get their shot off quickly and avoid contact.
  • It gives the player an extra second to find their footing.
  • It makes it harder for the defender to block or rebound.
  • It keeps the defender away from the player’s line of sight.


Kobe Bryant’s signature move was the fadeaway jump shot. This move allowed him to quickly move around the court and take the shot while avoiding contact. It was impossible for defenders to defend against this move, which is why it became so iconic, and will forever be ingrained in the history of basketball.

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